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The couple that TPs together, stays together.


"Wake Up (Make A Move)"


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Two (2004)

Today’s the final day of Tim Ezell on Fox2. #WeHeartTim

Today’s the final day of Tim Ezell on Fox2. #WeHeartTim

No Bottom Jeans: a very hilarious song.

More disaster at Fox2now. as they have mishandled the post-Ezell era by hiring Lisa Hart for Kim Hudson’s slot instead of just simply returning Angie Mock back to mornings. 

"Weird Al" Yankovic - Word Crimes

In a major shocker, Fox2Now's Kim Hudson has been named as Tim Ezell's replacement.

With Hudson sliding into Ezell’s slot, there’s a good chance that Angie Mock gets Hudson’s old slot back. 

This clip is all the more reason why Fox2/KPLR’s cowardice-based move of Angie Mock off of mornings is highly stupid and brutally insulting to the viewers of Fox2. The way they did the swap is brutal. 

To fill Ezell’s spot, I hope they put her back on mornings ASAP! 

The South Park/Hulu deal is a slap in the face to all fans of the show!! The show has officially jumped the shark/boned the fish! 

So effective 09.24.2014, only certain episodes of South Park can be streamed for free, a part of the deal I HATE the most.

South Park Studios »»»»»»»> Hulu/Hulu Plus 

Perfect line to respond to this: “Oh my God, they killed SouthParkStudios.com! You bastards!”