KMOV’s unjust firing of Chris Stanford will go down as one of the worst STL Media blunders of 2014, along with KSDK’s actions that caused Kirkwood High School to be locked down and showing the exact address of where Darren Wilson resides (even though I am very anti-Darren/Ferguson PD) and Fox2/KPLR’s highly asinine bullcrap demotion of Angie Mock off of the 4AM/fill-in anchor/sports slot on mornings to essentially the last depth chart slot on nights as field reporter. That sneakily stupid 01.06.14 scheduling swap by Fox2 turned out to come back to bite them hard post-Ezell, as they hired Lisa Hart for the 4am slot that properly should’ve been given back to Mock as Kim Hudson took over 9AM. 

Point of the matter is that Larry Conners’ firing in May 2013 was perfectly justified for his lying about the IRS targeting him over his interview of President Obama, whereas the firing of Stanford w/o a valid reason (especially with having a three month old child to take care of on top of that) is uncalled for.

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From now on during the 4AM hour, if I’m up during that time, my news loyalties will go to KSDK b/c they air the full hour of news whereas KMOV airs theirs at 4:30 (barring special circumstances) and due to Fox2’s unnecessary hire of no-talent Lisa Hart in the wake of Tim Ezell’s retirement and as a result of their stupid BS decision made on 01.06.2014 to yank Angie Mock off of mornings entirely to evenings way down the depth chart with no shot at reaching the anchor desk. 

To be fair to Kim Hudson, I’ve respect her and like her as an anchor on that station and as the new 9AM host. 

This means no more Fox2 at 4AM for me until they fire Hart and/or put Mock back on mornings. 
I’ve tried to give Ms. Hart a chance, but I don’t care for her one bit. 

Every episode of The Simpsons starts now on FXX. #EverySimpsonsEver 

Where will he be slotted at and who will he be replacing at Fox2? 



R.I.P. Robin Williams (1951-2014)

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